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petition to cast william shatner as god on supernatural

oh no. Do I need to start it.

IT’S SO GOOD. The fifth episode aired tonight and I was literally sobbing. I mean, it’s not going to win any Emmy’s (the lead girl is not the best actress but the supporting actors really make up for it), but for a first season sci-fi show on the CW, it is damn fucking good and I CRIED. Every episode is consistently better than the last. It’s crazy.

also william shatner likes it and livetweets every episode so that’s really all the proof you need


it’s like i want to like Finn but then he flirts with Clarke and I’m just like


the 100 is the best show on the CW right now and if you don’t believe me then you can get OUTTA MY FACE

I wouldn’t even know what to wish for. x

I wouldn’t even know what to wish for. x